20 Jul 2021

Do Lockdowns Affect Recruitment?

As two states on the east coast continue their lockdown restrictions, how does this affect recruiting processes?

There is no completely definitive answer as the approach of every business is unique and has been to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing entry and exit of health orders/restrictions.

Firstly, how has Salexo coped with the situation? The good news for us is that all of our team have been completely set up for remote working, and whilst we miss not being together in the office, we are all still working as hard as ever for our clients and candidates. There may be a slight delay in us returning voicemails to our office phones as they are cleared once a day now, but we have definitely learnt from last year, and everyone catches up on a video call at the start of the day before getting stuck into it.

We are still working via video to satisfy all the requirements we are trying to fill. On the whole, our clients have been forging ahead and adapted by putting in place their plans developed from last year. Most markets are proceeding as usual.

Clients in those areas affected by lockdown largely fall into two very different categories.

One set of clients are proceeding and still securing talent by flipping their process to video catch-ups and then performing inductions and onboarding remotely. They realise the market is even tighter now for the best talent, and so when they identify a top performer, they are moving even more rapidly to employ them. They have also realised that whilst lockdown is an inconvenience, there are numerous benefits in employing now. The reason is that their new employees can serve their notice periods at their current employer, and when lockdown lifts in the next 2-4 weeks, their new employee will be ready to go and get straight into it.

The second set of clients (thankfully for us, the minority) are demonstrating significant caution, putting interview processes on hold and unfortunately losing talent to the rest of the market. Whilst we understand and respect their approach, it may prove to be to their detriment when the lockdown lifts and the shortage of quality salespeople become even more challenging.

We appreciate that not every employer has completely adapted to the changing world we now live in; however, those who have adopted and adapted quickly last year and this year do appear to be emerging stronger than those that have simply hit pause on their processes.

It is certainly not our place to suggest what the best strategy is. What we do know is that it is business as usual for the vast majority of the companies we work with, and they are all requesting immediate sales talent to add to their team.

Whilst these restrictions are challenging, it is clear they will not be forever. With that in mind, where will your business be at the end of this year?

Equally as important for sales professionals, Where will you be at the end of this year. The state of the market and the pro-active employment activity from evolving employers still suggests it is a great time for you to test the market. You may be surprised by the number and level of opportunities that present themselves to you.

At Salexo, we are still working round the clock on a wide variety of lucrative employment opportunities. Please feel free to get in touch with us to find either your next sales superstar or your next dream role. If you leave us a voicemail, please have a little patience, we will be back to you by the next day whilst we continue our recruitment from our home offices for now.

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