05 May 2022

Dodging The Great Resignation: 5 Considerations for Keeping Employees Engaged and Happy

If the remote work revolution of the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t enough, companies are now grappling with the ‘new normal’ of hybrid work, as well as navigating record levels of employee turnover. Texas-based professor and psychologist Andrew Klotz famously foretold the next great challenge companies would endure when coining the phrase ‘The Great Resignation.’ Here in […]

01 May 2022

Swipe Right for Tips on Virtual Interview Etiquette

Are virtual interviews the Tinder of the recruiting world? Not quite, but the overlap between interviewing and dating may surprise you. Take a blind first date. Whether meeting over a casual coffee or at a swanky wine bar, you’ll want to make a memorable first impression. No doubt, you would take particular care to look […]

04 Apr 2022

From Surviving to Thriving in the Great Work-Life Balancing Act

Have you ever found yourself, perhaps unknowingly, competing for a medal in the ‘most busy and tired’ Olympics? If this sounds all too familiar, listen up because there is a compelling reason to quit the humblebrag about being busy. Organisations that indirectly reward workaholism are not sustainable. Creativity and innovation suffer; exhausted employees feel resentful […]

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