19 Jul 2022

Reimagine Onboarding to Set New Hires Up for Success in a Virtual Workforce

If retention matters to your organisation, then so too should creating a successful onboarding strategy. Done well, induction and onboarding not only help to win the hearts and minds of new starts but can have a positive impact on the morale and productivity of an entire organisation. However, onboarding done poorly will most likely result in new talent heading for the door, with almost a quarter of staff turnover occurring in the first 45 days of employment.

With more companies than ever embracing the flexible work revolution, effective remote onboarding is more critical than ever. There is certainly an art to successfully training new hires in a hybrid workforce, but don’t let that put you off; with the right tech and structure in place, virtual onboarding can be used to your advantage to maximise incoming talent.

The 10-Step Virtual Onboarding Checklist

1. Don’t wing it

You don’t get a second chance at first impressions, so don’t rely on ‘making it up as you go’ when it comes to onboarding. Invest the time in creating an engaging and sequentially structured training module that is ideally complemented by face-to-face human interactions.  

2. Provide job clarity

Even though new starters will have gone through a recruitment process, don’t assume they are completely up to speed on their day-to-day responsibilities. Be crystal clear in setting initial goals for new employees, such as KPIs (key performance indicators), and define their role within the team and the broader business.

3. Use the right tech

Do away with marathon PowerPoints for tech that makes it easy to create engaging content and is guaranteed to keep your new starts motivated and inspired. There are plenty of free and paid eLearning platforms or LMS (Learning Management Systems) out there that make authoring a breeze and new employee training a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

4. Provide flexibility

If organisations are truly embracing a flexible model of work, provide new employees with autonomy by offering multi-device, on-demand learning content.

5. Keep it snappy

Maximise retention and engagement by chunking training content into relevant, digestible micro-lessons and activities.

6. Get creative with video content

Nothing brings content to life and engages the senses like video. Ideally, get team members across different departments involved in video creation as an alternative to static org charts.  

7. Make it social

Incorporate ‘Meet the Team’ components into training where new employees can have virtual coffee dates with their new colleagues and direct supervisors.

8. Encourage active learning

We all know that we learn best by doing. Lay a foundation of engagement through interactive training that involves the new employee in the process through gamification and personal reflections.

9. Rinse and repeat

Recap training content over spaced intervals in the form of quizzes, video summaries and reflection activities.  

10.  Embrace feedback

Virtual onboarding should be an evolving strategy rather than a set-and-forget solution. The benefit of going remote with new employee training is that you can easily gather real-time feedback in the form of comments and training metrics.

Connect with us to find out how Salexo can help implement different employee retention strategies within your organisation, including engaging new employees from day one.

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