03 Dec 2020

Is Your Resume You?

When it comes to resumes it can be really challenging to write content that you feel accurately describes your experience. Do I include a photo? Should I include an objective? Does my experience look fat in this format? What font should I use that best brings out my achievements? There is a myriad of advice […]

01 Dec 2020

What is Sales Culture? How to create a winning team

We live in a diplomatic world and this applies especially to sales teams. Ensuring your sales people are delivering the right message and confirming to the ethical requirements of your organization are paramount to a sales team’s success. Lets face it, your sales team are your brand whether you like it or not. Firstly, it […]

01 Dec 2020

Being a Good Interviewer

There are so many horror stories out there and we have heard most of them of an interview that just did not go well. We have had instances where companies have not reviewed someone’s background to forgetting that they even had an interview with a prospective employee. (Not all of these were organized by us […]

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