23 Feb 2022

How to embrace a flexible workplace in 2022 and beyond

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has changed the nature of work as we know it, with 88% of organisations moving to a working-from-home (WFH) model during the height of the pandemic. The results of this changed work situation surprised almost everyone, with worker productivity increasing, along with employee wellbeing and engagement. The acceleration of […]

21 Feb 2022

How to Ace a Virtual Interview—A Checklist for Candidates

Just as employees have pivoted to working from home, more businesses are adopting virtual hiring as a permanent change. Apart from avoiding Zoom filter mishaps (AKA the infamous Lawyer Cat) or standing up in pyjama pants, there are many other elements to consider when trying to land that dream job in a virtual interview. Ultimately, […]

31 Aug 2021

Managing Sales Teams that are Working Remotely

As NSW and Victoria continue lockdown and with the indication that it may not be lifted any time in the near future, life at Salexo has changed dramatically with all of our consultants working from home due to the public health orders in place. We are very interested to hear thoughts, suggestions and comments around […]

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